You were many things to many people….

To some you were Stardust, to others you were Major Tom, to many you were a singer who encouraged oddity and the Goblin King who stole our hearts.

But we all knew you as David Bowie and the world is mourning you today.

Your music will live forever in our hearts as you dance among the stars and finally find out if there is life on Mars. Rest in peace Mr. Bowie you are no longer in pain.

With your final transmission you sign off…..

“Ground control to Major Tom….”


3 thoughts on “Stardust

  1. tracykarin

    Hi Rachelle! Thank you for the follow on Twitter! I Love your site content and your blog and read your article on “BRIIIIITS IN SPAAAAAACE!” talking about Astronaut Tim Peake! I’m sure you and your Country must be very Proud of him on that “Historic” occasion! Your article about David Bowie our “Iconic” Rock Star was touching! We will miss seeing David in-person, but his music will live in our hearts and minds forever! I’m glad you found me on social media because we can both share our Love of the Universe and all of it’s Glory! Thank you Rachelle! Love your Smile and Passion for Space Miss “Star Dust!” 🙂 Women in Science!


    1. astroanarchy

      Hi Tracy!

      Thank you so much for your sweet words! I am very happy we connected on Twitter us women who love the sciences need to stick together. I love meeting people who are enthusiastic about space like I am! I look forward to tweeting with you and getting to know you.

      I love Mr. Bowie, he was an inspiration to so many of us. His music will indeed live in our hearts forever.

      Oh and I am actually in the states! I just seem to really love British men, haha! Tim’s trip into space was so historic for England and I am very happy for them.

      Again, thank you for the sweet words you kick ass!

      Women in Science!


      1. tracykarin

        Rachelle that was such a kind rely from you! Wow! You live in the States! Well, if you are ever in the Rhode Island area, I will ensure you get a personal tour of our four observatories at Skyscrapers, Inc. We are working on obtaining funding for a .27 Plane Wave telescope in collaboration with Brown University. Two of our members work at Brown! One is the manager of the LADD Observatory , who is also are President, and we have a Professor of Physics who is wrting the grant for the new observatory! If you would like to visit us. I will pay for your transportation from our airport at T.F. Green and a hotel accommodation for the night and a dinner at a fine restaurant at the “Greenville Inn” During the winter months though, since our observatories are in a rural area…once they are snowed in, we can’t get to them. So we hold our meetings and presentations at the North Scituate Library about a mile from the observatories until they are accessible again. You can view our website at this link. Thanks Rachelle and as always clear skies! Best! Tracy! Women in Science!


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