Space for Everyone – Why I do what I do

When I started this endeavor over a year ago I never thought I would travel this far. When I first started promoting space travel, amateur astronomers/astrophotographers and astronomy through Twitter my goal was to share my love for all things space. I wanted to make it so astronomy and space travel was easier for everyone to understand. When I started college for my astronomy degree I kept thinking “There has to be an easier way for me to understand this, for everyone to understand this.” So I started to simplify they way I processed the information and utilized that for Twitter and my blog.

The goal, the ultimate goal is to share astronomy and space travel with everyone. From the little girl who love looking up at the stars to the most novice astronomer and everyone in

Picture courtesy of Curt Godwin

between. Space excites me, so naturally I want everyone to be excited about it but the best way to do that is to make it so everyone gets it. There is a way to talk about stats and figures without being that stats and figures person who confuses everyone. Some people may see this as not being serious about the industry, that simplifying or making it so space is fun to talk about is not professional my goal is to prove them wrong.

I have a pretty big gamer following on Twitter, some of my biggest supporters are in fact, gamers. I reach people who don’t solely geek out over space and that right there is the reason I do this. I have been messaged privately from gamers who have said my enthusiasm is what made them go out that night and look up at the night sky and THAT right there is why I do this. I reached those people who may not have done just that, I reached them and they went out and discovered the night sky.

If space geeks only reach space geeks then what the hell are we doing this for?

I am now a part of a team where we will be producing a podcast to follow the same statement. To produce space content for everyone, report the space news in a fun way where stats and figures won’t feel like the main focus. The podcast crew all have different backgrounds, the diversity is a big range but space brought us all together. Curt Godwin,  James Ridgers, Gene Mikulka, Carolina Garza and me, Rachelle Williams. A big band of misfits working together to showcase how amazing space is for everyone to appreciate.

I love astronomy, I love sharing it with who will every listen and even if I just get through to one person about space who may not realize how amazing it is then my day is complete. So I ask that before you assume something about someone you stop for a moment and get to know them because fun and enthusiastic doesn’t equate to not serious. It just means their love of something may not be delivered in a fashion you are use to. So with that I leave you with my usual saying because I feel it can’t be said enough.

Go out. Look up. Discover.


Rachelle Williams



One thought on “Space for Everyone – Why I do what I do

  1. Richard Jones

    When NASA first started, space was a mystery, it still is, but it was thought, at that time, that only “professionals” had all the answers and where the only ones that could explore, look into the Heavens and try to decipher what was going on. Turns out, they were wrong. With the advent of the Internet, it is even more advantageous that us “common folk” explore the Heavens too. Scientist do not have all the answers, no one does. The more people that are involved with their own findings, thoughts and theories, the more that we can disseminate what is possible, what is probable, what can be achieved as well as what can not. Space X and Science Fiction novels and movies are prime examples. Hugo Gernsback, Jules Verne’s and Cyrano de Bergerac are just a few that gave others the idea to bring their thoughts to reality. And they were “common folk”.

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