Private Sector Article Tripe – My Rebuttal

This morning I woke up and looked at Twitter like I always do. Scrolled through my feed looking at the various cat memes, space pictures, gaming achievements, Private Business Should Lead the Way in Space Exploration…

Against my own better judgement I click the link, just waking up, before coffee, I begin to read the “article” and instantly wish I had waited. The author starts out praising private sector, claiming they should “take the lead” in space exploration and not once did he give any recognition to NASA or the fact they are the reason we are in space in the first place. The authors article, in my opinion, is a glorified Elon Musk fanboy article that leaves out any facts for either side.

For anyone that knows me knows that I am a huge ULA supporter but I am also not delusional in the thinking that ULA will replace NASA. Private sector is a supporting role for NASA, to help keep costs down so we can continue exploring space and discovering our vast and amazing universe. In my opinion If we solely relied on private sector or in a lot of people’s minds, Space X, we would be so behind, Russia would be on Mars already with a Starbucks.

As far as private sector using their own money (as pointed out in the article), trust me it comes from sources. NASA is allotted a budget every year they have to fight for and for anyone who has watched the budget hearings knows what a struggle it is. It has to be distributed among numerous NASA facilities all off which have their own needs for the funding. Private sector is a sole business…

Without NASA we wouldn’t have the satellites built for humanities vast love of technology and without private sector we wouldn’t have the means to get them up into orbit. The Mars rovers, the satellites and our astronauts we took to the moon was all because of NASA and to say private sector should lead the way is a slap in the face of America. It concerns me that I come off as a person who dislikes private sector which isn’t the case. I am a person who dislikes fanboyrism to the point of “opinion as fact” and articles that try and support the tripe. I will leave you with the article link so you can form your own opinion and I am open to comments and questions. You can contact me here or my Twitter handle @AstroAnarchy.

Article for reference:

I just ask one thing, please research and read before stating anything that could be your opinion as fact.


Rachelle Williams




One thought on “Private Sector Article Tripe – My Rebuttal

  1. Richard Jones

    NASA and the Private Sector is one of the few Public/Private entities that work pretty well together. As long as there is financial accountability, especially with public money and waste kept to an absolute minimum, this Public/Private cooperation can efficiently and effectively achieve enormous goals.

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