The Anarchy

wp-1449866182901.jpgSince I was a little girl I have loved the night sky I remember going outside just to watch the moon. Growing up I never imagined I was smart enough to be an astronomer. I struggled through school thinking I was just a dumb girl who couldn’t grasp math. Fast forward to my late thirties and I come to find I have a form of dyslexia and that has been the issue all along! What a relief especially since I never felt I was actually dumb so I put my big girl pants on and started college to become an astronomer.


But like anyone I started having doubts in myself but that all changed the day I went to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Going there not only made me realize I made the right choice to become an astronomer but also that I want to work for JPL. Getting to visit Mission control was a life changer for me, being in that room hit me like a meteorite crashing to earth. Then I watched the “Journey to the Planets and Beyond” movie and that helped solidify it. Soaring through space as Harrison Ford narrates and various JPL employees give little interviews while amazing music plays in the background was just amazing.


What I learned that day was the value of self worth and the value of amazing friends even as I type this I find myself getting choked up reliving that amazing day. I have since been more involved in space exploration and helping promote it across different social media venues. I attended the Planetary Society 35th annual event in Pasadena honoring Neil deGrasse Tyson and have become more active in my quest to network with numerous astronomers on Twitter. Helping spread the word that space exploration is vastly important.


I will leave you with this Mr. Carl Sagan said it perfectly….

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”

3 thoughts on “The Anarchy

  1. Grand start to what sounds like an inspirational adventure to the stars. Looking forward to reading more about your journey to explore the universe, why you are along this path, and what you wish to share both from a science and personal view about your discoveries along the way.

    Per ardua, ad astra!


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