The Prince, The Scavenger and the Master Jedi. My The Last Jedi review.

The Last Jedi Movie Poster
Star Wars: The Last Jedi official movie poster.

As I sit here, starring at the flashing beacon that’s taunting me to start typing my The Last Jedi review I am plagued with one simple issue. No, I am not at a loss for words, which shouldn’t shock too many of you. Honestly, there is simply so much to write that I don’t know where to start. My brain has been swimming since I saw Kylo Ren, Rey and Luke grace the movie screen on December 14th and again on December 17th and then again on December 29th. Trying to wrap my brain around everything I had witnessed hasn’t been easy, let’s face it, there is a lot happening in the new Star Wars movie so trying to digest it all hasn’t been easy. It has surpassed the billion dollar mark worldwide in just three weeks. 

“It’s a power that Jedi have that lets them control people and… make things float.”

Yet, for a movie that only 31 other movies can claim the same the reviews from fans have been less than amazing. As a matter of fact there has been a lot of abuse being thrown at director Rian Johnson, the actors and other fans who loved the movie. Whether you loved The Last Jedi or hated it (because there doesn’t seem to be an in between) you have to admit, it has you talking and that’s what a good movie does.

It makes you think.

Now, if you follow me on Twitter you already know I have strong opinions on how much I loved the movie. So much so that dissecting the scenes and character development has been an ongoing and daily ritual. Star Wars isn’t just a successful movie franchise it is basically a religion and The Force has captured the world. HAIL VADER!

I digress. (For now)

Let me take you back to a not so distant galaxy that isn’t too far, far away in Irvine, CA on December 14th, 2017. Three friends take an adventure to watch The Last Jedi in a packed movie theater with tons of other Star Wars devotees to finally witness Episode VIII. The excitement was intense, I could barely breathe as the iconic yellow words started to scroll on the screen before me. This was it. The Last Jedi was finally here! Two long years of waiting, speculations and excitement. It was finally here and all was going to be revealed. As I watch the opening scene I am instantly taken away by Poe Dameron trolling General Hux, an epic battle scene, our beloved General Organa and I am on the edge of my seat. As the movie continues on it seems the Resistance is losing as the First Order matches their every move, including tracking through hyperspace. My friend Eric already has bruises from me beating on him through the adventure so far and will have many more by the time the movie ends. If there was ever a Star Wars fan who lives for the new movies, it’s me and I watch them with gusto.

Especially when Kylo Ren is involved.

“Let the past die, kill it if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be”

Whether you love him or hate him he is the “villain” that has gained just as much popularity as Darth Vader and I don’t see that waning any time soon. Kylo Ren is a complex character that has grown a lot over a few days. (It may have been two long years for us Between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi but for the characters it literally has been a few days, possibly a week.) Kylo’s opening scene with Snoke is nothing short of bone chilling. Kylo kneeling before him as Snoke tells him to take off his ridiculous mask. Let’s face it, Snoke is an abusive asshole and I for one am happy to see him dead at the hands of Kylo but we will get back to that later. Angered, Kylo leaves the throne room and destroys his helmet which I believe symbolizes him letting the past die, breaking himself from Vader.

Enter another epic battle scene, General Organa in a coma and lets face it shits getting real. Rey is on Ahch-To trying to convince Luke Skywalker to come back and help The Resistance but was only met with resistance.

Porgs, Porgs, Porgs, Chewbacca tries to eat a Porg, Porgs, Porgs and more adorable Porgs.

Then it happens.

The moment no one was expecting, a new Force power that is so unique and so special that it could only have been done with Kylo and Rey. Before this special “Force Connection” the Force sensitive’s would only feel not see but now we have entered a whole new dynamic of Force power. When Kylo and Rey finally see each other again it’s through a “Force Connection” that at the time they have no idea why it’s happening but it’s through this connection that they form a bond, things are revealed and Rey believes she can turn Kylo to the light but Kylo also believes he will turn Rey to the dark side. Both had solid visions of the other turning after touching hands during their third “Force Connection” but who’s vision is correct? Possibly both? They are each others balance. The opposite of each other yet the same person. The story between these two is so simple yet so complex it can literally lead anywhere.

Can we just go ahead and talk about the amazing battle ballet after Kylo kills Snoke, his true enemy (Yes, I believe he is absolutely dead) and just like that our dynamic enemies turned partners are suddenly battling together like they have been doing it for years. Moving together like a well oiled machine fighting and killing off the elite Praetorian Guards as if they were simply fodder. This was their sex scene and it was more sensual and epic than any steamy romance scene in any movie I have ever seen. 6197215-rey_kill1

Kylo is a lost man and I personally believe Rey is his saving grace, she is his redemption. He begs her to join him, begs her to let the past die and this is where I believe he truly wants to start a new reign, The Empire, the Jedi, the Sith, everything must die and he wants to rule the galaxy with her by his side. No First Order. No Resistance.

Just them.

I am going to take this opportunity to state that Captain Phasma got robbed to the point I feel the need to write a different blog post about it. Finn never should have got that sucker punch in, she is a God damn warrior (Read the Captain Phasma book if you already haven’t.) and for Finn to beat her is a load of barnacles.


As the movie nears to a close astral projection Luke Skywalker enters and my tears are now flowing as he sees Leia for the first time in many years. Then an epic battle ensues between astral projection Luke and Kylo. Luke fades away from exhaustion and Rey symbolically shuts off her connection with Kylo as she enters the Millennium Falcon and she closes the door on their last “Force Connection” with Kylo looking at her as if pleading her not to leave. My theory on this “Force Connection” isn’t a popular one but I truly don’t believe Snoke created the connection between them as he stated. I think it was formed in The Force Awakens in the interrogation room during Kylo and Rey’s encounter. Snoke is dead. The “Force Connection” isn’t.

We shall see.

The Last Jedi was an epic adventure that I give a 10/10. It now stands as my favorite Star Wars movie with A New Hope a close second. When I read that people hated the movie I am left to wonder if they actually watched the same movie. Rian Johnson did a beautiful job with the story line that was well thought out and different. An emotional roller coaster that I for one am happy I got on.

Did I mention the Porgs?


Article written by Rachelle Williams

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